Crucial Ballistix PC4000 (DDR500) Review - Game Testing with the PC4000

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Crucial Ballistix PC4000 (DDR500) Review
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Game Testing with the PC4000
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Doom 3:

The first game we'll look at is iD Software's latest, Doom 3.  This game is killer on both the graphics system as well as the CPU/Memory subsystem.  We ran the tests at 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 at both low and ultra detail settings.  In the graph below we omitted the 640x480 tests as they were within 1FPS of the 800x600 tests.  The 6600GT can hold it's own at 800x600 as it is not bottlenecking the system at lower resolutions.

As memory and CPU speed increased, so did the performance of Doom 3.  We see the highest increase in performance at lower resolutions as GPU does limit the performance at 1024x768.  With the added bandwidth and speed of the memory, we see a 22% performance increase when running at PC3200 up to PC4720, and a healthy 12% increase when running at PC4000 to PC4720.

These results were taken with the included demo1 timedemo.

Doom 3 Benchmark

Half-Life 2:

Again, Half-Life 2 from Valve tells a similar story, but it's hard to tell just how much performance gain we achieve through raw memory bandwidth.  Increasing the bandwidth and CPU by 33% yields up to a 20% gain in performance.  As you can see in the graphs below, the framerate is very acceptable at 1024x768 at max detail, and there really seems to be very little limitation and the graphics subsystem.  Minimum and maximum detail tests show very little difference as the 6600GT has no trouble keeping up in this game.  Keep in mind that AA and AF are turned off to free up the GPU from restricting the benchmark.  If you like AA, you'll still need a more powerful card to keep these framerates.


For these benchmarks we used our own Coast timedemo and the HardwareOC d3c171 timedemo.

HL2 Coast Benchmarks

HL2 d3c171 Benchmarks

That wraps up the performance testing of the Crucial Ballistix PC4000 2x512MB kit.  Head on over to the last page and we'll draw up some conclusions.