Android App Pick - Stickman Cliff Diving

Application: Stickman Cliff Diving

Good day Android App readers!  Welcome to this snowy winter wonder-land (up here in Canada).  Some of you probably wish you were somewhere warm and swimming in the ocean on a hot warm day. Maybe you could even do a bit of snorkeling or cliff diving? Cliff diving is quite interesting and if you have felt the need to hurtle yourself off a cliff, you know it takes some bravery to do and to do it right.  You don’t want to land on your belly (which really hurts from falling from a really really tall cliff).  If you aren’t quite that adventurous, try Stickman Cliff Diving as it is all about your personal safety while you risk the life and limbs of a poor stickman.  Stickman Cliff Diving is all about diving off cliffs from various heights.

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This fun and addicting game is interesting and is quite a different approach to mobile gaming.  There is not a lot to figure out or control in this game at all.  Simply download the game, hit play or go through the tutorial before hand.  You have two simple buttons to use; the right button makes you curl up in a ball which comes handy in when trying a flip or a dive, and then the jump button on the left enables you to go diving and jumping off a cliff of various heights.  Each round you have to get a good score for the judges in order to pass to the next round.  If they like it you pass.  If not, keep trying unless you try to bribe the judges to give you one more chance, but it can still be tricky to pass.  You can also get more stick man games by hitting the ”more” button!

Get your stickman wetsuit on and dive for victory  today!!

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