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Inside & More:

As you can see in the picture below (right), we've opened the case to see what is running the A51. Not too surprisingly (due to the small size of this unit), there isn't too much inside the box and most everything is integrated into the mainboard. Basically only the hard drive and the memory are able to be replaced (memory is mounted on the bottom of the board and would require removing the mainboard to access it). By opening up the case of the Giada A51 you will however be voiding your warranty. According to Giada the max amount of memory this board will support is 4GB. I am not sure about how big of a hard drive this board would support and obviously if you were to attempt to upgrade the hard drive you would be on your own, but I would guess that upgrading the hard drive would be possible if you were adventurous enough to try. For most people who are in the market to buy a mini PC like the A51, chances are good that you won't be too concerned about being able to upgrade it down the road.

Giada A51 - Side View
Giada A51 - Inside View


Giada A51 - Top View
Giada A51 - Remote


The remote that comes with the Giada A51 isn't anything too crazy, but it gets the job done and doesn't look super cheap like other "media" remotes that I've seen. The remote performs all the media functions that you will need, as well as lets you turn the PC on and off while sitting on the couch. The remote also could come in handy in other applications like digital signage where you are going to mount the PC in behind a large screen high up on a wall, having a remote is sure a lot easier than climbing up a ladder to turn the PC on or off.

Overall I'm very happy with the remote, it is nice and sturdy and did everything I needed it to.


Giada A51 - Remote

Giada A51 - Remote


So obviously for this to be called the Giada A51 Mini PC is has to be small right? Well, it easily lives up to its claim of being Mini and I've included a couple pictures to show you just how small it really is. I put it beside a external DVD drive from LG and as you can see its much smaller than the drive. I also put it beside a paperback book and as you can see its even a bit smaller than that.

Thanks to the small size of this unit there are a ton of different applications that you could use this PC for where space is limited.

Giada A51 - Compare
Giada A51 - Compare

So there we go, that's what the Giada A51 looks like, let's see how it performs next.