Giada A51 Mini PC - Testing Continued

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3DMark06 is a benchmark that is aimed more at gamers and tests both the CPU and GPU (Graphics) capabilities of the system. For this test we've put the Giada A51 up against the Samsung R580 Notebook again.


As you can see from the test, the Samsung R580 was able to keep ahead of the Giada A51 by a decent amount. The Samsung R580 is running the NVIDIA GeForce 310M which seems to be able to outperform the AMD Radeon 6320 that the Giada A51 has. Obviously if you are looking for gaming performance you'd probably not pick the Giada A51, however for basic (and older) games the Giada A51 should be able to keep up.

PCMark Vantage

While 3DMark is more of a benchmark for gamers, PCMark takes a look at overall PC performance. I've included the results from PCMark Vantage for your reference, however I didn't have any test results to compare the Giada A51 to.


General Usage:

While there are benchmarks that claim to test "everyday usage", I'm more of a fan of actually using the system and seeing if there is an actual noticeable difference between systems. Obviously this system isn't going to load applications like a full high end desktop would, so when comparing it to a full Intel i7 system you will notice that Windows and applications don't run as quickly as you might be used to. With that being said, most programs that I ran on this system ran fine and for general usage (office applications, web browsing, etc.) I found that the Giada A51 was more than adequate.

Giada A51 Power Consumption:

The Giada A51 comes with a 30 Watt power supply which is very small when you think about it and is even smaller than most laptop’s power supplies. During our testing we hooked the Giada A51 up to a power monitor to see how much power this unit actually consumed.

Sitting at idle we found that this model was usually using about 13-14 Watts of power.

Running the system full out we were able to get it up to spike to 26 Watts of power.

On average we found that the power usage was around 17-18 Watts during normal usage.

It is pretty amazying hen you consider that most light bulbs use more power than the Giada A51 which is a fully functional PC.