PS3 has been hacked... again

The PS3 has been hacked again according to the guys over at NakedSecurity. This time however your personal information hasn't disappeared, this time the PS3 has been hacked so that people can run homemade software on it without Sony being able to stop it. Apparently someone has been able to successfully reverse engineer the system and figure out the key to making their jailbreak software work permanently. Check out the full story for all the details.

Sony's PS3 has been hacked.

Perhaps "hacked" is the wrong word, because it can imply both criminality and lawful exploration. But we'll stick with "hacked" here, in the sense of "some reverse engineers have figured out how you can adapt, or jailbreak, your PS3 to make it interoperable with software of your own choice."

The PS3 has been hacked before, but Sony was able to inhibit the hack with an update to its own firmware. This is much like the history of jailbreaking on Apple's iOS, where hackers typically uncover a security vulnerability and exploit it, whereupon Apple patches the hole and suppresses the jailbreak.