Apple says "I'm Sorry" to Samsung

A few weeks ago Apple lost a court case in the UK with Samsung and one of the conditions of the ruling was the Apple had to publicly state on their website that Samsung did not copy Apple. Well when the decision came down I for one didn't expect to ever see the apology but today on Apple's UK website the apology (which was obviously written by lawyers) has appeared. Engadget has the story and the links.

Whatever you think of the continual legal tussles between Apple and Samsung, a UK court's decision to force the former into publicly acknowledging that the latter did not copy its design will have seemed a little egregious even to the most ardent sammy-sympathiser. Well, that post is now live -- on Apple's site at least -- and as you might expect, is studiously manicured to almost not feel like an acknowledgement at all. The opening legalese notes that Samsung did not infringe "registered design No. 0000181607-0001," before going on to point out in perfect lay-terms the positive comments Judge Colin Birss made about its own slates.