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Application: After Focus

Good morning, good day, or good evening android app readers!  It has been a snowy week here at the BCCHardware HQ and we’ve done our share of slipping and sliding.  We even had a snow day this week.  Now if I only had a heater app for when I shovel snow I could just melt the snow off the sidewalk!  With winter comes some cool opportunities to have fun in the snow and if you're a photographer - casual or professional - you can find many cool subjects for your pictures and be creative.  After Focus can help give some of those effects and can be used as a great after image depth of field tool.  I’m no professional photographer, but there some things that catch my eye and I try to be creative. Depth of field is a fun thing to play around with and the best way is to just download the app, experiment and find out!

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After Focus adjusts your pictures and changes them into something interesting and cool. It’s like a quick “photoshop” for your phone.  You can take a picture from the app or use one of your own that you’ve already taken.  You can alter the focus point of the picture, make it black and white, sharpen, and blur out the background just by selecting what you want in the picture to stand out more to get what you want. 

After Focus - Black Perl Coke After Focus - PowerAid


There’s manual mode or smart mode to make things easy for all levels of usage.  Manual mode requires you to do it yourself, while smart mode does a few things for you with a few more “wizard-like” steps.  You can easily switch between the two at anytime.  Both are still pretty cool ways to manipulate your picture after it’s taken.

If you want to make the public think you are a “real” photographer try After Focus.

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