Halo 4 Review

IGN has been playing Halo 4 for a while in anticipation of the launch today and they have posted up a good and fair review of this game.  While they don't think it's perfect and have a few issues with some of the game mechanics on higher levels, they do believe that the game is "golden".  I'd have to agree, although I haven't played through a lot of it yet.  Take a look and I'll be sharing my own thoughts as I go through it myself.

After soaking in the new game, I am beyond thrilled to be so in love with Halo again, more than I’ve been since Halo 2. Halo 4 is a masterstroke everyone can and should celebrate, and its two guaranteed sequels instantly make the next-generation Xbox a must-own system, with Halo 5 its most anticipated title.

Photo Courtesy of IGN