CM Storm Speed-RXL & Skorpion Bungee

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CM Storm Speed-RXL & Skorpion Bungee
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CM Storm Speed-RXL Pad
CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee
Provided By: Cooler Master
Price: ~$17.99 Online

Today we have a couple of peripherals from Cooler Master on our bench.  These are from their “Storm” line and are designed for gamers.  We have the CM Storm Speed-RXL gaming surface as well as the CM Storm Skorpion mouse bungee.  Cooler Master is a well-known manufacturer of PC cases, peripherals and much more.  If you want to know more about Cooler Master or just check out everything they have to offer (and it’s a lot), please check out their website.
Skorpion Box Speed Box
First Impressions:
I will start with the CM Storm Speed-RXL mouse surface.  It came in a relatively small box that comes bearing the red and black CS Storm color scheme with white and grey lettering.  It’s an attractive package that will probably turn heads and do very well in retail stores.  Once you get the pad out of the box and rolled out its huge.  It measures 13 5/8” x 17 5/8” x 3/8” (350mm x 450mm x. 5mm).  The Speed-RXL is made from 100% rubber with Cooler Masters Duracloth surface.  It is a solid black mouse surface with the CM in white and the Storm by Cooler Master in grey.
Next up is the CM Storm Skorpion mouse bungee.  The Skorpion comes fully assembled in a cardboard box with molded plastic inserts and the CM Storm color scheme, red and black with white lettering.  At first glance I didn't know what it was for.  It looks like some kind of weird creature (hence the name “Skorpion”).  I quickly figured out it was a mouse cord organizer.  The name fits well.  The Skorpion is black with the CM Storm Logo in red.  It is constructed from a synthetic (hard resin) with a metal core for weight and rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on your desk.
Skorpion Profile Skorpion Bottom
On the next page, we'll cover specifications and more details.