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Good day fellow app readers.  As the snow falls on Canadian ground, we have been taking some time to remember those that fought for our country’s rights this weekend we can appreciate some history.   If you had a long weekend, you maybe had some time to watch some TV, eat some good food and relax.  There is a saying that food and sorrow can go hand in hand.  I’m not sure if that applies, but I’ve been hungry for some dessert lately!  Often at work we do some baking, and we have to look up recipes to bake.  I’m not huge into baking unless I have to, but when I spot something tasty I do like to give it a try!  Recently I discovered some Caramel Apple Pie on  If I had known there was an app, I wouldn’t have written it out by hand! Spinner app is great!!  Even gentlemen can learn some quick easy recipes from this app!

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This App is easy to use, even if someone doesn't do a ton of baking.  When you open the app it gives you a selection of groups to choose from.  Simply pick the type of meal you're making, then choose the time limit you want.  The app will present you with a list of things you could bake or cook.  For example, if you searched for something to bake with fruits in an hour or less, it may display things like a pie, apple crisp, apple squares, pumpkin chocolate cookies and so on.  It’s not just for baking; it can be a meal like pizza, chicken, and stir fry’s.  After choosing what you want, they give you the list of ingredients and directions how to make it as well as a picture of what the finished product looks like.  If they don’t have what you're looking for in the list you can search up recipes too!  This is a great and tasty app for on the go or when you're not close to a computer to print out the recipes needed!

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Start cooking up a storm and get some taste buds tingling right here, right now

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