NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Chassis - Closer Look

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NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Chassis
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Closer Look:

I knew this case was big, but once I removed the side panels I realized there was a ton of room inside! I like the way NZXT put grommets on virtually every routing port, it gives this case a really nice look while providing protection to your wire harness. I also like the way the PSU area has rubber on the feet to help inhibit any vibrations the PSU might impart.

Inside Right Panel Removed


There are four fans included with this case and plenty of room for additional fans and/or radiators if desired. There are two intake fans (front and side), and two exhaust fans (top and rear). There is also a bracket for either a 120mm or 140mm fan to be mounted (fan not included). This bracket can be aimed at a specific area to help direct additional airflow to any component that might need it. The Phantom 820 has room for a total of nine fans depending on the setup. 

Top Removed - Fans Front Removed

The wiring for all the LED lights, fans, USB ports, and power headers were bundled and wrapped in another protective bag. They also included a stylish 8-pin ATX power connector extension that came in handy during my build. I wish it would have come with two extensions as my board requires two 8-pin connectors.

Fan Swivel PSU Feet Remove HDD Bay

Finally, you can remove the bottom hard drive enclosure if you want to install a large radiator or extra fans on the bottom of the case. 

A great feature that is useful to any computer is filters, and this case has quite a few. With the exception of the right side and rear fans, every other fan port is filtered. The bottom contains two quick release filters. There is also one filter when you remove the front panel and two when the top panel is removed.  

Filter Filter
Filter Filter


The Phantom 820 has a great design and feel, but it is the details that really set it off. There is a USB hub right on the top that contains two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports. The USB hub also has a rubber cover that I've found a handy dual use for; specifically, keeping my external drive from falling off the angled top.  

USB Covered USB Closeup Handy Pad


The fan controller and power button area has a stylish look as well. The fan controller buttons have a mirrored finish and an ease of use due to their larger size. There is a LED lit Fiber optic bar that runs the length of this section providing a nice look, as well as, an indicator of which fan you are adjusting and the speed.  The power and reset buttons remain unobtrusively at the edge of this area. You also find headphone and microphone jacks here as well. To top it all off this area has a strip that is mirrored, creating a visible boundary between the fan controller and power buttons.

Fan Controller Fan Controller Select


Inside the front door there is an SD card reader, rear light control, and the LED color and mode controls. It is nice having these controls tucked away until you wish to change them. 

Controls & Card Reader


On the next page we'll take a look at the features and specifications before we set about installing a system in the Phantom 820.