NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Chassis - Testing the Phantom 820

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Rear LED LightsOnce I had everything ready to go I fired this bad boy up. Immediately I wanted to play with the LEDs. This case looked cool out of the box, but the LEDs are the icing on the cake. The top and front are accented with LED lit fiber-optic bars that match the inside LED lighting. The controls for the LED system are simple as well. There is a rotary selector that allows you to cycle thru any color in the RGB spectrum. Some colors were bolder then others when I cycled through, but I think anyone can find a color to complement their taste. I went with red because it was awesome looking and went along with other with the rest of my desk area.
There is also a mode button for the LEDs. You can choose to have either of the lights on or off, as well as, all lights on and all lights off.  There is one other button that controlled the rear I/O port LED lights. This is very handy especially if your computer resides in a dark area and you don’t want to search for a flash light just to plug in a new component.
The integrated fan controller was easy to use. Each control area (rear, top, side, front) was simple to cycle through, and I just used the plus or minus keys to put each fan on low, medium, or high. 
Profile LED Door Closed LED Door Open
I feel this case really stood up well to other cases reviewed It has some features similar to the [ NZXT Switch 810 (link) reviewed by Michael Bollinger ] recently. 
The Phantom 820 case really exceeded my expectations. It is full of handy features and integrated components. I didn’t really encounter any issues running this case or playing with the features. Everything functioned well.


All in all, this case is great! It really has a lot to offer to any level of user. The features can be utilized by novice users and hardcore enthusiasts alike. 
The quality of this case is impressive. With its steel and plastic construction, this case really looks good while still being functional. I couldn’t really find any faults in the craftsmanship when I was scrutinizing this case. The Phantom 820 is solid in design and brings NZXT's customary quality to the table.
Color Cycle
I feel this case really performed quite well and was a big upgrade over the Cooler Master HAF 932 case I was running previously. I did research this case a little before it reached me and I was not let down. This case performs very well and there were even some elements that performed double duty, whether that was the intent or not. 
I think having the integrated fan controller was a great addition to this case. It also came with an abundance of hardware and an 8 pin ATX extension cable. I would have liked to see another 8 pin ATX cable as my motherboard requires two if I want to overclock. The lighting was an added bonus and usually can cost someone quite a bit extra if they are buying it separately. 
The installation was easy and straight forward. It only took a couple hours for the installation of everything, and that was with me making notes and taking pictures. Someone else could have moved way faster as this case has a lot of room to maneuver and many options for routing. Everything you needed for an install was provided and NZXT could only make it easier by sending someone to install everything for me. I ran into no snags and everything went smooth. A novice builder that can read instructions should have no issues getting this case up and running in one go. 
The value of this case is solid. It can be out of some enthusiasts price range at $250, but you definitely get what you pay for. It is at the mid-to-high end of the full tower price range. There are definitely cheaper cases that offer most of the features, but not all. I think this case is worth the money simply because it comes with so many options. You can configure it any way desired. The lighting system really makes the case look nice and saves you from having to buy and install after market lighting. The fan controller is seamlessly integrated in the case design which adds to the look and provides great functionality.  The Phantom 820 is a high-end case and carries a high-end price. I think it is a pretty good deal for what you get, but would be a great deal at $219.
Overall I am happy with the Phantom 820 case. It has exceeded all my expectations and functions flawlessly. It has great quality and lots of features. The looks are amazing and can be altered to suit changing tastes. 
  • Lots of room
  • Many options for ease of routing
  • Integrated fan controller and lighting system
  • Manufactured to accommodate any type of cooling setup
  • Sleek design
  • Many tool-less connections
  • Price puts it out of range of some enthusiasts
  • Would have liked to see another 8 pin ATX cable
  • Would have liked to see a fan included for the swivel point 




I'd like to thank NZXT for sending over the Phantom 820 for us to take a look at.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them at the link below.