NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Chassis

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NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Chassis
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Product: NZXT Phantom 820 Crafted Series
Provided By: NZXT
Price: ~$219.00 at time of publication (find low prices on NZXT here)


Today I'll take a close look at a new Phantom case from NZXT. These guys are known for creating some bold, high-quality cases. They also provide a variety of other products that can be found here (insert link to NZXT product page). They've been in business since 2004, so I'm expecting this case to be nothing short of spectacular.  

Specifically, I will be looking at the Phantom 820, the newest phantom case in the Crafted Series. The Phantom 820 is a full tower case that offers a lot of versatility no matter how you envision your rig taking shape.
The Phantom 820 consists of steel and plastic construction. It can accommodate pretty much any motherboard. The hard drive area contains six 3.5" quick release hard drive bays that can also support 2.5" SSD hard drives depending on your preference. It also includes four 5.25" quick-connect bays, fan filters, a built-in fan controller, and an awesome LED lighting system.
The Phantom 820 fits right in with its predecessors, and is a great update to an old favorite.


First Look:

This is my first experience with an NZXT case so I was looking forward un-boxing this and getting started.

In The Box Package

The Phantom 820 arrived in a standard cardboard case printed with a photo-realistic profile image of the case, as well as inside looks and more detailed specs. It was packed with a combination of dense Styrofoam, and a layer of softer foam against the more sensitive front. Under that, the Phantom 820 was also completely wrapped in plastic; the window also had an additional film for added protection.

Front Top Back


After I removed all the packaging, I was impressed by the bold look. This case has some pretty sleek lines but also seems very practical for whatever needs you have. I notice all sides, save the right, are very well vented to help dissipate excess heat. The Phantom 820 follows in the footsteps of previous Phantom cases with angled venting, a smoothly ridged front and top, as well as, a uniquely shaped window for viewing your components. Angle Door Open
Left Side Right Side


The rear has four ports for water cooling lines that are filled with form-fitting grommets. There are also nine expansion slots that are vented when not in use. The bottom sports a distinctive "foot" system that allows plenty of air to flow through the bottom of the case.

On the next page we'll take a closer look at the Phantom 820 as we continue this review.