25% of Black Ops II players planned to call in sick

The latest Call of Duty game was released this week (Black Ops 2) and VentureBeat did a survey about it and found some very interesting stats about it. Of all the Black Op 2 players surveyed (and they surveyed 10,000 gamers), 1 in 4 planned to call in sick to get some extra playing time in. So if someone called in sick on Tuesday you can probably figure it out.

In a survey of 10,000 IGN fans, about one in four respondents said they plan to skip work or school to play Black Ops II on launch day. Average game playtime is expected to be 5.5 hours on launch day. The survey was conducted over the weekend as an online survey to visitors at IGN.com. At this point, Call of Duty has become so big that it is starting to have its own effects on the economy.