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Anyone up for some sushi?  I sure would be, maybe not in Soviet Russia as I’ve heard quoted from a very quotable ninja "In Soviet Russia fish catch you!"  Fish can be tasty or nasty, however you may slice it on your opinion!  I'm somewhere in the middle, but fish curry = yummy!!  Ninja Fishing is similar to Fruit Ninja as you have to slice up some things flying through the air, but there are also a few differences in this addicting game.

ninja fishing Ninja Fishing


Ninja fishing takes place in some Asian country where the fish swim free of worry.  One day a rather large and wise chubby ninja  named "Hiroshi" was out at sea.  He throws his line in when you tap the screen.  The line down goes as the hook sinks to the bottom.  Tilting the device will help you avoid fish and gain some depth.  Most times he finds fish, and sometimes treasure and even a rare/new fish.  Once you hit a fish, it "bites" and up he reels, swaying back and forth collecting others along the way.  The fish are flung into the air. "Hiroshi" then gets out his katana (your finger) and starts slicing like crazy wasabi sauce!! You gain points and coins to buy items in the shop or to travel to different islands.  He is sure hoping - as I am - to find an octopus or maybe the KRACKEN so he can share and brag about how awesome of a fisherman he is!!

Ninja Fishing Ninja Fishing

Become a mighty Asian fisher today!!

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