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Product: OCZ Vertex 3 LP 7mm SATA III 240GB SSD
Provided By: OCZTechnology
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Solid State Drives have come a long way over the past few years and OCZ has actually been one of the companies that have driven the industry to be better, faster, larger and more affordable.  They don't settle for technology that has limitations and they try to find ways around, over or through limitations that are still plaguing this early stage of solid-state storage.  While you may argue that SSDs aren't all that new, the technology is changing so fast with new NAND flash chips and different controllers, algorithms for data correction and wear leveling that this whole industry is still relatively new and has a few growing pains.

Today we will be taking a look at one of the few 7mm SSD drives that are available today.  While this drive is not a Vertex 4, the Vertex 3 Low Profile drive we have on the bench today offers great performance in a small package that fits into todays thin and light laptops.

The Vertex 3 LP is definitely worth considering if you are looking to upgrade that slow HDD in your new Ultrabook or Thinkpad T430.  Today we're going to look at it and see how it stands up on our test bench.

Profile Profile


First Look:

Other than the drive itself, the only thing that came with the Vertex 3 LP is a sticker. Apparently, my "SSD is faster than your SSD".  As this drive is made specifically for low-profile laptop installations, there was no 3.5" HDD adapter or any other accessories with the bundle.  All you get is a bare drive in a box.  This is not a bad thing either.


The OCZ Vertex 3 LP isn't all that exciting on the outside of the unit.  I did notice that this drive is actually much heavier than the original Vertex 3 drive from OCZ.  The case on the 7mm version is entirely metal.  The outside from looks like aluminum, but again, it's quite heavy.  The top and bottom lids are made of SECC steel, so when it's all strapped down there won't be any flex to this unit.

As you can see below, the drive profile is very low.  We've included a couple of pictures side-by-side with the 240GB Vertex 3 next to the new 240GB Vertex 3 LP for reference.

Connections Vertex vs Vertex LP Lower Profile


Inside the case is the new SandForce SF-2281 controller and it fully supports the speeds that this drive claims.  We'll find out as we continue what more we can expect from this drive.  Before we get that far, we'll take a look at the features and specifications.