OCZ Vertex 3 LP SATA III 240GB SSD - Benchmarking Continued

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Benchmarks (Continued):

As we continue on through our benchmarks today, we'll take a look at some AIDA64 benchmarks.  We'll run through the entire gamut of tests.  We don't have much data to compare to as we've recently acquired this test and added it to our test suite.  We'll be using this much more in the future though as it gives us a very good scope of the performance that we can expect from this drive.

AIDA64 Read


As we jump into testing the Vertex 3 LP 240GB SSD on linear testing.  We run both Linear Read and Linear Write tests on this drive.  As you can see in the graphs below, the performance is pretty good but on our test system.  That being said, we discovered that the average read speed was a bit less that we'd hoped.  I had tested this to make sure was operating on the full SATA III 6Gbps interface.  It had an average read speed of 377.4MB/s with an average linear write of 218.2MB/s.  Unlike the Vertex 3 240GB, this Low Profile version maintained steady performance from start to finish.

AIDA64 Linear Read
AIDA64 Linear Read Performance


AIDA64 Linear Write Performance
AIDA64 Linear Write Performance


On the last page, we'll cover Crystal DiskMark before we draw our final conclusions.