OCZ Vertex 3 LP SATA III 240GB SSD - Final Tests and Conclusion

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Final Tests and Conclusion

Performance - Crystal DiskMark 3.0:

As we get warmed up with the benchmarks we stop by and give CrystalDiskMark a run through the paces.  This is a very basic read and write test that is used to either confirm or deny the manufacturers rated speeds.  DiskMark uses sequential tests as well as 4KB and 512KB random tests to gauge how the drive will perform when reading and writing various file sizes.  The performance of this test follows right along with what we've seen so far.  Again we use the Vertex 3 and RevoDrive for reference.

Crystal DiskMark Read

Crystal DiskMark Write

Crystal DiskMark shows similar results to what we've seen previously.  It's interesting to see how well it compares to the RevoDrive in these tests.


Final Thoughts:

OCZ has pushed the boundaries on performance with their Vertex series and the nice thing about this low profile 2.5" drive is that is can be used by pretty much everyone.  If you are planning on purchasing a new machine that only takes 7mm drives, you can see our review of the OCZ Vertex 3 LP that you won't have to sacrifice performance.   The Vertex 3 LP 240GB drive holds up very well to the competition and is essentially a slimmer version of the Vertex 3 - both in terms of controller and performance - even though OCZ has made the jump from Intel to Micron NAND is this drive.

In a gaming system, the drive performs like a champ and it offers incredible Windows boot times, lightning fast map-loads and can give you and edge in almost everything you do.  In a low-profile system, such as my new Thinkpad T430, this drive offers even more.  OCZ is one of the few companies that are making these new 7mm drives, and while their market is still quite limited, as laptops and ultrabooks become more popular, these will become more popular.

In the end, I can't really complain about this drive at all.  I do wish I could see actual performance closer to theoretical performance however.


  • Good performance
  • 7mm Low Profile fits in Ultrabooks - Low-Profile Laptops, etc.
  • Available up to 480GB 
  • Affordable SATA III performance
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Doesn't perform up to rated speeds




I'd like to thank OCZ for sending over this unit for us to review and for their patience while we worked out some system issues.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.