CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse - Final Thoughts

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CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse
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The Recon Optical mouse with its new Avago Sensor was a pleasure to use.  I had no problems with it being jerky or skipping around regardless of what surface I was using it on.  It is constructed well from high quality components. The Teflon feet did not show any noticeable sign of wear after a month’s use. The Teflon feet did a great job of being smooth on any surface I tried it on.

As far as performance goes, the CM Storm Recon Optical mouse did what it was supposed to without any problems. The Avago sensor performed flawlessly and the LoD setting would be nice if you tend to lift the mouse a lot.

The Software was where the Recon shined and also fell short.  The Recon software has a lot of options and you can set up almost every aspect of the mouse.  The LoD is a nice feature that I haven't seen before.  It has almost infinite color options.  You can set-up over 100 different profiles but can have only five profiles loaded on mouse at one time. The ability to have macros is nice - if you use them. The place it fell a little short was the DPI adjustments. It has only four possible setting. I would like to see a little more.

As far as compatibility goes, The Recon Optical mouse worked great on every system I tested it on.

The CM Storm Recon Optical mouse can be found on web for about $40 in the USA.  That is right in line with other mice of its caliber. It has almost limitless color schemes that can be changed with the press of a button. The Teflon feet do a great job of keeping all movements nice and smooth. The Recon has CM Storm features the newest Avago Sensor and it works great.

Overall, the CM Storm Recon Optical mouse with its new Avago sensor performed well under all tests. It tracked well on every surface - even when being lifted off a surface.  The software can store up to five profiles on the mouse that can be changed on the fly along with the ability to create macros and much more.  If you are in the market for a new mouse, the Recon Optical mouse is a great value and definitely deserves consideration.



  • Rubberized Coating
  • Avago Sensor
  • Great Value
  • Lots Of Lighting Options
  • Teflon Feet



  • Only 4 DPI Settings




I would like to thank Cooler Master for sending BCCHardware the Recon Optical mouse for review. If you have any questions, comment or just general feedback please feel free to leave the in the link below.