Android App Pick - St. John Ambulance First Aid

Application: St. John Ambulance First Aid

Attention Cyber Monday shoppers, this is the BCCHardware app girl speaking.  With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals floating around this weekend, there have been quite some interesting sales around the stores and also online.  I’ve done most my shopping on the Google Play Store.  Why not have some add free apps at a good price?  Our App today that is free and ad free is the St.John’s Ambulance First Aid app. 

At some point in a persons life you will end up having to do a bit of first aid - whether it’s on yourself or someone else, you probably will want to preserve life, prevent injuries from getting worse and promote recovery. Keep in mind first aid does not make a person into a professional doctor, but it does help to help the injured person stabilized until help arrives. I should also point out that having some background knowledge taken from a course helps increase your understanding when using the app.

Emergency Type Techniques Minor Situations

Memorizing an entire first aid course from front to back is challenging - almost impossible, and you want to make sure you don’t do the wrong thing.  The app we are featuring today covers many things a person would need in order to do some first aid on someone - except childbirth - it doesn't cover that.  Just hurry to the hospital or call for assistance!  The app gives your step by step instructions in what to do.  It gets straight to the point as quick as possible.  The instructions even tell you if it’s best to call an ambulance and it gives some other numbers that are relevant for different situations.  It’s a great app to carry with you. CPR instructions are voice activated to help the person faster.

Chest Pain Chest Pain CPR

Save a life today with St.John’s Ambulance First Aid.

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