Samsung PN64E8000 64in. Plasma Smart TV - TV Menus and Features

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TV Menus:

While the TV certainly works out of the box, you can hop into the Picture, Audio and Sources menus to tweak things to your liking.  I really like the Anynet+ and HDMI-CEC features that automatically switch to the appropriate device when it is powered on.  This makes things easier and requires one less step when switching from the X360 to a Blu-Ray movie.  As you can see, there are several DLNA devices connected.

Out of the box, the TV is set to Dynamic Mode and this actually tones down the brightness and offers a very vivid picture.  Samsung hasn't boosted the color and saturation of this device through the roof in order to make it appear eye-catching and if you wanted it brighter and more vivid, there is room for that.  Still, out of the box settings worked just fine.

The Smart Hub is where a lot of good stuff happens and where you can quickly access things like YouTube, Samsung Apps and a lot more.


There are a few menu tools that help you get tighter control over your TV.  There is also a built in webcam that allows you to use the TV for Skype among other things - including gesture control.  Think of this as Kinect for your TV.

The Voice Control part of this TV is pretty interesting.  It works quite well, but it's not flawless.  I was pretty impressed with the overall speed and accuracy when in the Voice Control menu.  There was times however when the voice menu was activated when I was playing Halo 4 - without pressing any buttons.  This was odd.


Overall, this TV was fast, responsive and simple to use.  On the next page we'll analyze the TV objectively as we test out this unit.