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Application: Cordy

Good day!  As you're getting ready to head off to school or to work, feel free to check out and download some fun.  This week's Android App Pick is something that will help to pass the time with while riding the long bus ride or during the commute, but best not to play while driving in traffic unless you can convince your co-workers to drive. Cordy is a fast paced game and runs pretty smooth on a single-core Android phone such as the Nexus S. 


The game does give you a warning when you load it up, saying to close any apps that are running for smoother play. It seems to do well even with a few background apps running however.  Cordy was listed as one of the top apps of the month on several sites so I thought we’d give it a try.  There is a free version that allows you to play the first 4 levels, but to go further you need to buy it.  Totally worth it!

Cordy Cordy


Playing Cordy is hours of fun and can be hard to put down.  No, its not a keyboard game and doesn’t require any musical ability.  Instead Cordy is a little robot that jumps, runs and flips around with energy.  You can collect gears if you want, but the bigger purpose it to run around and collect lightning bolts.  Those lightning bolts are used to charge and power up a terminal to open the exit door to another level and to light up his world. 



There are hints throughout the levels that help you along.  With Cordy I had also came across Cordy Sky, which is almost like a sequel of sorts.  In this game you shoot Cordy up into the clouds and guide him to collect items.  The higher he goes, the better it is as he increases the record and leaps and bounces off springs.

Fly and power up your world today!!

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