Next Xbox for 2013 Holiday Season


There are all sorts of rumors as to when Microsoft will release their next Xbox and the company hopes to launch the device next year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  While Nintendo is already here with their Wii U, we are still waiting the successors to Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3. According to previous information, the test platform for a future Playstation be based on an AMD A10 processor with integrated graphics, but this may change in the future. It seems in any case be clear that the next Xbox may be an x86-based processor and graphics from AMD.
Sources told Bloomberg that the next generation Xbox is set to launch towards the end of next year to take advantage of Thanksgiving and the critical holiday shopping season. The company deliberates whether to announce the official console at the E3 games show in June or whether to keep a dedicated event for their upcoming game console.  The Xbox 360 is still selling extremely well and during Thanksgiving, sales exceeded even the Wii U - which on the other hand may have been due to a lack of capacity from Nintendo's side. Still, sales have started to go downhill for gaming-related hardware and software in general, which is a sign that it may be time to release something new to bring more consumers.