Intel to acquire NVIDIA?

The rumor of the week is that Intel is currently looking to acquire NVIDIA. NVIDIA has been involved in a few takeover attempts over the years, but one by Intel just maybe could happen. This is of course just a rumor at this point and obviously neither company is going to comment on anything but who knows, stranger things have happened. BrightSideOfNews has more of the details.

Thus, when we heard a rumor that Intel and Nvidia are sitting at "a coffee table" discussing the future developments, cross licensing and the like… we dismissed it as a seasonal thing. Remember, that Intel is still paying Nvidia installments of that chipset blunder settlement of yesteryear. That sum is totaling $1.5 billion dollars, and represents nothing but a chink in Intel's armor (2011 revenue: $54.0 billion, 2011 net income: $17.5 billion).