Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler for Intel

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Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler for Intel
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Product: Noctua NH-L9i LGA 115X CPU Cooler
Provided By: Noctua
Price: ~$49.99 Online


It has been a long time since I took a look at a Nocta product and today I've got the Noctua NH-L9i low-profile cooler on the bench.  This cooler is not the typical high-end unit that we've all come to expect from Noctua.  This little cooler is designed for mid-range and entry-level platforms that generate a maximum of 65W of heat.  Noctua doesn't skimp on accessories or quality though.  This cooler comes ready to rock in a nice box that has Noctua's professional presentation.

Cooling companies have really stepped things up in terms of overall presentation and consumers - even enthusiasts have come to expect more than the traditional brown-box that make Thermalright famous back in the 2000's.

Box Front
Box Front

Box Back
Box Back


Just as with every cooler that we review, we will install this on test bench and then keep  everything fair and equal between the coolers.  As we are building a new low-power platform for this cooler, we won't have any major comparisons with other coolers.  We will have only the stock cooler at this point to compare with, but that is a good place to start right?

Box Open


First Impressions:

Right off the bat, the Noctua NH-L9i is impressive.  It comes in a very attractive box with the classic Noctua colors and once you open the box, it gets even more slick.  Everything is laid out in such a way that it feels like you are opening a nobel prize worthy product.  Everything is clearly laid out and securely held in place by the closed cell foam.  As I mentioned before, it's been quite a while since I opened a Noctua product and they are certainly setting a standard and raising the bar.

Box Open Closeup

Once we get everything pulled out of the box, the bundle doesn't look quite as impressive, but there is still everything you need to mount this cooler on an Intel 115x system.  The mounting system is nice and simple, and hopefully you have a case with a open motherboard tray that will allow you to do the installation without motherboard removal.


The overall appearance of the Noctua NH-L9i is pretty impressive.  This cooler is pretty hefty, but it is a lot shorter than I thought it would be.  There are many situations where Intel 115x processors are being used in HTPC and ITX systems and the stock cooling may not be adequate, so Noctua has attempted to fill the gap with this cooler.  In terms of size, it certainly fits the gap.

Top  Profile
Top Profile

Lower Profile
Lower Profile


So there we go.  That is our first impressions of the Noctua NH-L9i.  On the next page we'll cover a few more details about this cooler.