Android App Pick - The End

Application: The End

'Tis the season to be Android! Fa la la la fa la la la .....well technically Christmas is so much more than what the media says.  I don't have a Christmas themed app this time, but couldn’t help but notice that everyone here at BCCHardware survived the "end of the world''.  No one had to dig up their gardens or as in Canada their house plants to fight the Zombie apocalypse.  Luckily there's an app called The End to keep us entertained.   It’s not the end of app pick, but apparently an 'End of the World' game.

Menu Running

It's pretty similar to Temple Run - an app that I had talked about back awhile.  The controls are the same; tilt forward to run swipe left or right to go left or right, swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide under things. That part is the same.  There are a few differences though.

2473 Yards Power Ups


There are different levels and you collect duck tape instead of coins to build your camp and you're running through a broken city of destruction!!  The duct tape you collect can go towards building up your camp, power ups, or getting a new character!!

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