Nexus 7 Dock to ship January 10th?

If you are a Nexus 7 owner you will be glad to hear that the rumored shipping date for the Nexus 7 dock might just be January 10th in the United States. This isn't official yet, but right now the dock is priced at $40 USD and features a audio out jack and a microUSB port as well. Phandroid has more details on this latest rumor.

Unfortunately the wording leaves room for possible delays, but should all the stars align and should the universe be in a favor-granting mood we should be seeing these starting to ship at some point next week. Priced at $40, the official dock uses the Nexus 7′s triple pin connector for data transmission and charging. The dock itself will feature a 3.5mm audio out jack and a microUSB port for those very reasons.