Android App Pick - 100 Doors 2013

Application: 100 Doors

Another year, another day, another CES, and yes another App of the Week!  I hope you all had a great New Year and a good start to 2013.  If you like puzzles - something that boggles your mind and keeps it thinking - try 100 Doors 2013.  It sounds like a mystery game, but it's not Sherlock Holmes.  It is an interesting game that my brother has suggested for me to try out.  This games is a great time waster and it's lots of fun - if you're the puzzling type.

100 Doors 100 Doors 100 Doors


100 Doors 2013 is simply played by solving a bunch of riddles and tricks in a puzzle sort of way.  Sometimes there are clues to help, but sometimes you just have to try and figure out what the level is asking you to do. Those clues and items are to be solved in order to open a door to go the next level.

100 Doors 100 Doors 100 Doors

Sometimes you have to tip your device to make objects - such as hammers or keys fall from somewhere high up, or maybe shake your device for a ball to roll out of hiding. The puzzles range from combination locks to moving items around in a pattern; either way your mission is to get through 100 doors and feel awesome because of your achievements!

Open 100 Doors today and see where they take you!

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