Android App Pick - Songza

Application: Songza

Good day Android App lovers!  This week we have a very special App for you!  Whether you’re sitting and relaxing or trying to pump yourself with a workout, hanging with friends or even trying to go to sleep, music can play a big part in your mood.  That’s where Songza comes in.  Songza is a great music app that is a bit like Pandora or in the way it plays playlists and mixes of songs.  You can customize a playlist or choose one of the thousands of different variations built into the app.

Songza Songza Songza

The interesting thing about this app is how it picks playlists.  You have options based on the day of the week, time of day and activity you’re doing.  If you pick these variables, it offers a surprising mix of popular and indie songs that quite often fit the mood better than I thought.  As with many music applications, there are some limitations.  You are only allowed to skip six songs an hour, but with the playlists as diverse and interesting as they are, I’ve never encountered this limitation.

The beautiful thing about Songza is that there is no limitation as to how much music you can listen to.  You also have the ability to share your playlists on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.  It’s worth a listen, and it’s absolutely FREE!

Get your DJ on and spin some tunes today!

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