Samsung Galaxy S IV Hype

Normally when we are talking about Smartphone hype it involves the latest Apple iPhone, but this time around Samsung is the one that is attracting a bunch of hype in regards to their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The first 3 Galaxy S phones have sold very well and have gained a loyal fanbase so it's not too surprising that people are already talking about the S4 which will most likely have a bigger screen, slimmer case, better battery, and even a faster CPU. At this stage it's all rumors but chances are good there will start to be more concrete facts as the estimated launch day of this phone could be sometime this spring. The Wall Street Journal as the full story.


For about four months, gadget bloggers along with tech writers at South Korean newspapers have tried to uncover the details of Samsung's next high-end smartphone, likely to be called Galaxy S IV after consecutively numbered versions over the past three years.

They have suggested it will have a bigger screen, thinner case, come with a pen, have no buttons and, of course, have a faster chip to run it, as well as better battery life. Some reports back in November suggested the new phone would have an unbreakable screen, and others have said it would be waterproof.