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Application: Cross Me Color

Good Morning, good afternoon or good evening app readers all over the world! I have variety of games I like to play.  I enjoy a lot of different styles including arcade, shooters and racing games. I even enjoy some puzzle games - like 100 doors for instance.  The game app this week is both a puzzle and artsy and this makes Cross Me Color a bit of a challenge!  As I was searching for some kind of picture grid like game, I came across Cross Me Color. There is a black and white version as well, but the color one makes it a bit more challenging and colorful.

Cross Me Color Cross Me Color

Cross Me Color is sort of like a crossword game, but the outcome is to make a picture following a set of numbers. The numbers are colored-coded as to how many squares need to be colored in that row and or column.

Cross Me Color Cross Me Color


The puzzling part is to make sure you have the right amount of colors in the right row and column. Sometimes there are numbers all around the grid and sometimes they are just on two sides. This Asian puzzle has many levels of difficulty with various puzzles to do. This is a fun and challenging game can become hours of fun to pass the time by as it stretches your brain.

Be an Asian artist today!

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