Lian Li PC-7HX Chassis - Lian Li PC-7HX Installation

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Alright, now the fun begins! The Lian Li PC-7HX comes with every screw that you might need to mount all of your components. The motherboard stand-offs are already mounted and this is a nice touch.  When it comes to installing a system in this case I first snapped in the I/O panel for the motherboard I planned on using. Then, I slid the motherboard into its new home and locked it down with the supplied screws.  

After that I had to remove the factory installed 120mm exhaust fan to mount my120mm radiator.  After I had the basic motherboard and cooling installed I mounted the power supply with the supplied screws, which was a breeze. Then I moved on to mounting the HDDs. After locating the proper screws and rubber washers, installation is as simple as attaching these to your Hard Drive and sliding it into the desired slot. Locking it in place was as simple as loosening a thumb-screw, sliding the lock up and tightening the thumb-screw back.

Opened Up

If you are using a SSD it’s a little different, and you have the choice of two places to mount these. Once you have decided where you want to mount your SSD, it just a matter of installing a few screws with the proper washers. The PC-7HX comes with screws and washers just for mounting HDDs or SSDs. Mounting the Optical drive was very easy.  I removed the desired blank from the front then just squeezed the lock on the tool-less mounting system to open it. The drive slides in and the lock snaps easily back into place.
The tool-less mounting system is very secure. Regardless of how secure the tool-less mounting system is, I always put some screws in the right side just to be sure it doesn't move. After the main stuff is already installed, I moved on to installing the video card. After lining it up to find which expansion slots covers to remove, I removed the two thumb-screws and the blanks. The video card slipped effortlessly into the slot.
Front Off Drive Mounting

Last but not least, was connecting all the wiring. The wiring doesn't take very long at all in this case and it usually takes me about ten minutes to make everything tidy. Most of that time is spent routing the wires where I want them. Finally we are done! It’s time to fire this unit up!

On the last page, we'll wrap things up with our conclusion and some final thoughts.