Rosewill RPLC-500 500Mbps Powerline Networking Kit

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Rosewill RPLC-500 500Mbps Powerline Networking Kit
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Product: Rosewill 500Mbps Powerline Networking RPLC-500Kit
Provided By: Rosewill
Price: ~$69.99 Online


Today we are taking a look at the 500Mbps Rosewill RPLC-500 Kit and we are going to put this new little Powerline kit up against a few other Powerline kits we've looked at in the recent past.  We've looked at the Trendnet TPL-401E and TPL-405E products recently and will be putting the Rosewill kit up in direct comparison to this equal-spec'd kit.  We will also be putting this up against a couple of 200Mbps kits as well and will find out how Rosewill fits into the mix.

Powerline kits offers some flexibility when it comes to network connectivity, but this isn't the perfect solution for everyone.  We will be putting this through our network test that measures actual throughput without overhead from other hardware limitations.  We've seen our wired 1Gbps (1000Mbps) performance reach speeds of up to 987Mbps.  This Ethernet is 98.7% efficient and we have always hoped that wireless and Powerline performance could reach into this realm of efficiency.  The truth is, wireless and Powerline kits don't get anywhere close to this, so we have to take a step back and compare this kit to other kits and rate them on the curve.

Box Front
Box Front

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First Look:

This kit has a fairly standard feature set and specification list that matches up with other 500Mbps kits.  This kit has almost identical specifications to the TPL-401E hardware from Trendnet and we'll find out in a few minutes how they compare.



As you can see above, the RPLC-500 hardware is fairly plain.  There is a single port on the bottom as well as a recessed reset hole and a "Security" button that will allow you to synchronize other hardware when you add additional adapters to the grid.    The included bundle has a CD, install guide, a pair of short Ethernet cables and of course both of the adapters.  This should be enough to get anyone started quickly and easily.

Closer Look:

These adapters are quite small and have a slightly smaller footprint than the TPL-401E and TPL-405E as well as the Linksys PLEK400 kit.  What they don't have is a pass-through power connector that we loved about the Trendnet 200Mbps TPL-307E2K.  The basic hardware layout is pretty much the same on all of these though. They all include a Ethernet port, a reset button as well as a security synchronization button.


On the next page we'll take a look at the specifications of the RPLC-500 Kit from Rosewill.  We'll then jump into installation, setup and begin testing.