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Product: Samsung Wireless Audio Dock DA-E750
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It appears that Samsung is moving up in the mobile world and they have also been supporting their own devices with some great accessories.  Today we are looking at the DA-E750 dock from Samsung and putting this beefy unit to the test with both Apple and Android devices.  This dock is one of the first docks in the world to support both these devices from both side of the war and this makes it a bit unique.  What also makes it unique is the fact that this audio dock uses tubes to soften and enrich the sound coming from the speakers.  What's more, Samsung even includes features such as USB support, AirPlay, AllShare Play and even Bluetooth 3.0 - as well as the Apple connector and a typical 1/8" line-in jack.

Glossy Finish Rear Profile


Samsung has blended a mix of old-school with some high-tech and the end result is the DA-E750.  This is their big dog in the dock line and I love the fact that it supports both Android and Apple devices.


First Impressions:

At launch this dock was priced not-to-sell and it came in around $700.  Thankfully, it has dropped in price a bit - but it's certainly not a dock that will be an impulse buy.  I've seen it on sale for a mere $499 - and at that price, I would still have a hard time buying it.  That being said, the performance, features and connectivity options you get with this dock really do add value to it and make it a tempting buy.


The finish on the unit is exceptional.  The glossy wood finish looks amazing and while it does collect fingerprints, a quick clean with a soft cloth takes care of that quickly.  The reality is that you don't even have to touch it that often - other than to dock your device.  It comes with a remote control and WiFi and Wired Ethernet options that will enable you to push audio to your device from your PC without even touching it.

If you have to move this thing around, make sure you take care.  It is heavy.  For a dock of this size, I was very impressed with the weight.  This of course is due to the high quality construction of the dock.  It's not ridiculously heavy by all means, but it weighs more than your standard Xbox.

The controls on the device itself are pretty simple to use.  On the top is a round "knobby" control that is touch-sensitive.  In the middle of this control dial is a lighted "pseudo-display" that helps you figure out what input you are using and if you are turning volume up or down.  I found it to be a little less sensitive than I'd like, but it did work fine overall.

Bottom Sub Close


As you can see by viewing the dock from any angle, the finish and attention to detail are absolutely wonderful.  The silver cone surrounds on the front add a touch of class and the phase plug also add a touch of beauty that makes this dock stand out.  Even the window showing the tubes could come off tacky, but Samsung manages to pull this off with grace and dignity as well.  The dock has a very minimal, but extravagant look.


Closer Look:

The back of the unit is where some of the charm is lost as we get onto more practical things.  There is a dual-dock tray that opens with a nice smooth action and reveals both Apple and MicroUSB connections.  There is a support that slides up and keeps your device in place without extra stress on the connector.  This provides a steady platform and can even support iPads and some Android tablets.

Dual Dock Top Control Panel Rear Inputs


Also at the back of the dock are the connectors for other music and media storage devices.  Here we find a LAN port, 1/8" line-in, and a USB port as well as a WPS/Reset button and the power connector.  The power supply for the dock is located inside and this keeps the cable clutter outside to a minimum.  Even though the DA-E750 has a LAN port, it also has WiFi and this is very handy if you want to keep your cable clutter to a minimum.  I think it is great that they include an Ethernet port as well though, as I'd rather have cables running everywhere rather than depend on Wireless.

On the next page we'll continue on as we look at the features of this unit.