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Application: Sleepy Jack

Hey Androidians! I hope the weather has been good to you these past couple of days! It has changed here from freezing cold to some warmer weather - as spring is...well I don’t care when spring comes, but it will come!  As random as these sentences are, dreams can be just as random as well.  No one can control the dreams that they dream and sometimes you remember then and sometimes you can’t.  Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. Sleepy Jack certainly has some interesting dreams.  Most are pretty exciting as he catches some Zzzz...

Sleepy Jack
Sleepy Jack

Crazy Dreams
Crazy Dreams

Sleepy Jack is a boy full of adventure, excitement, vinegar and spice and all thats nice! As he heads to sleep Jack has a dream every night. Soaring through the sky with your help by swiping, tilting, or pressing the corners for buttons to tip, turn and shoot through the night sky.  Sometimes the dream takes him through space or the clouds, collecting items and catching up on some sleep in the meantime!  

Sleepy Score

Sometimes a dream can be scary, but having some lasers and flying fans to shoot the invaders or the big boss - along with the right moves - can save Jack from being pulled into a nightmare!

Have some adventurous dreams with Sleepy Jack!

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