CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Product: CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Provided By: Cooler Master
Price: ~$109.99 Online at time of publication


Buckle up and settle down ladies and gentlemen, we have another good device to bring to you!  We have another fine keyboard built by CMStorm - a product line of Cooler Master - the maker of numerous devices including keyboards, mice, computer cases and several other products.  This keyboard is named the Trigger, and it is a mechanical board that is durable and reasonably affordable.

Previously we have reviewed two other mechanical keyboards made by CMStorm, the QuickfireTK and the Quickfire Pro. Both are sturdy pieces of equipment and have provided a great experience for many long hours of gaming.

Box Profile
Box Profile

Box Close
Box Close


First Look:

First, we will start by mentioning the packaging.  It was full of colored photos, and includes the specifications and a plastic window so you can see the keyboard itself.  Upon opening the box I found that it was packaged very well - not that it needs to be, mind you, considering how good the quality it is.

Trigger in Box

Inside the box we find the keyboard itself as well as the wrist rest, USB cable and the quick start guide.


The first thing you’ll notice about this beast is that it is solid and heavy.  It weighs in at an impressive 1.2kg.  This thing also boasts a rubberized surface on the front face, which adds to the overall feel of durability.

Wrist Rest Braided Cable Manual


As we look at the Trigger we find that it has pretty much the same layout as any other run of the mill keyboard -  except that there are four macro keys on the left side of it.  Also,instead of the standard “Windows” key there are Storm keys that bear the CMStorm logo.  The keys light up and are red when plugged in and you are using them for gaming as well.  On the “ALT” keys we also see the word macro placed on each of them.  

Trigger Profile

The F1 to F11 keys double as multi-media keys as well.  The media buttons from left to right consist of first a button to turn on and off the backlight, two to lower and increase the brightness levels, as well as one to change between the three light up modes.  Then there are the play/pause button, stop, back and forward buttons and last but not least the mute, minus and plus volume keys.  In addition to those keys we also find the CMStorm logo at the top left corner and this lights up gorgeously with the backlight.  

On the top right of the peripheral we find the word CMSTORM printed and directly underneath we find the indicators for the three lock buttons such as Num lock and so on.  The keys are gold-plated cherry mx red switches.  The Trigger also comes with anti-ghosting six key rollover.  To put this simply, you can hit six keys at once and not screw something up.

Foot Wrist Rest Holes


This keyboard is done up in two different colors -grey for a lot of the front surface and black for the rest.  The front side isn’t the only interesting side.  On the reverse side we find nice non-slip pads so the keyboard doesn’t slide around, in addition to the two extendable legs so you can have it at an angle.  These are also non-slip.

CM Storm Logo USB Ports


Aside from the pads is another CMSTORM logo indented in the underside and a nice looking sticker with some company information printed on it. The last things to be mentioned that is included is the rubberized plastic wrist rest and the USB hub on the back of it.  It requires a 5v input to power them and the input for the cable to connect to your computer.

On the next page we'll cover the features and specifications of this keyboard before we jump into testing.