OCZ Vector 256GB Barefoot 3 SSD

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OCZ Vector 256GB Barefoot 3 SSD
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Product: OCZ Vector 256GB SSD
Provided by: OCZ Technology
Price: ~ $279 MSRP at publication


OCZ isn't new to the game of SSDs, and in fact that's all they do these days.  We have been very impressed by their RevoDrive series, but the PCIe SSD has a very limited audience.  As more and more people move to mobile computing, the 2.5" form factor is a lot more appealing.  The Vertex 3 and Vertex 4 performed quite well, but after seeing what the RevoDrive was capable of, I expected a bit more from the Vertex 3 personally.

Things have changed a bit since then.  SATA III has matured and Indilinx has released their Barefooth 3 controller.  These two factors alone - along with some good NAND flash memory allow the Vector to be released and perform like it does.  The Vector is an interesting product as it sits somewhere between regular consumer SSDs and enterprise SSDs that have a lot more reliability factors built in and can move a lot more data throughout their lifetime.

Today, we'll see how the new controller from Indilinx performs and cover the performance of this SSD - after we tear it apart for some warranty-voiding glamor shots.

OCZ Vector Box

First Look:

Other than the drive itself, the OCZ Vector comes in a box with a drive adapter to enable you to put this 2.5" drive in a 3.5" drive bay.  It also comes with a copy of Acronis cloning software as well as a quick install guide - and of course a sticker bragging about your love affair with your OCZ SSD.  If this drive performs like they claim, I could see why.

Vector Bundle


The OCZ Vector isn't really all that exciting to look at really, but thankfully it is in the 7mm format that mirrors the Vertex 3 LP drive we reviewed not too long ago.  The case on these 7mm drives seems to be entirely made of metal.  This helps prevent any drive flex which in turn can damage the traces on the PCB and then render your drive useless.  It's little things like this that help build my confidence in OCZ products.

Drive Profile
Drive Profile

Drive Bottom Profile
Drive Profile Bottom

As you can see below, the drive profile is very low.  I'm put it alongside the lenscap from my Samsung NX200 camera and the lenscap is actually bigger.


Inside the case is the new Barefoot 3 Controller from Indilinx and it fully supports the speeds that this drive claims.  We'll find out as we continue.  We'll find out how this dive performs and what we can expect from it in the real world.  Before we get that far, let's take a look at the features and specifications.