OCZ ModStream 450W PSU (OCZ45012U)

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OCZ ModStream 450W PSU (OCZ45012U)
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Product: OCZ Modstream 450W PSU (OCZ45012U)
Price: ~ $93.84 CDN at Pricegrabber.ca


OCZ has been at it a while.  They're one of the better known names when it comes to enthusiast hardware.  While they may be known more for their Memory products, they also make some pretty classy Power Supplies, and we really wouldn't expect anything less.  They offer two particular series of PSU's - the voltage tweakable PowerStream series, and the modular ModStream series that we'll be looking at today.

Modular PowerSupplies have really started to become popular, and they very well should.  These units offer better appearance, better cable management and hence better airflow due to using less cables in your case.  With all the benefits it's hard to pass up, but their could be a drawback or two.  Stick with us as we take a look at the OCZ ModStream 450W PSU and see if it provides enough power for a moderate gaming machine and how stable it performs under load.

OCZ Modstream Box

Bundle And First Look:

The OCZ ModStream 450W comes is a rather large box compared to standard PSU's.  This is due to all the extra's, modular cables and accessories that OCZ packs with this unit.

The ModStream comes with 2x 2 peripheral 4pin connectors, 1x 1 peripheral and 1 FDD connector, 1x 1 peripheral connector, 1x PCI Express connector, and 1x 2 SATA connector.  This allows up to 9 devices to be attached to your computer + PCIExpress Graphics.  This should be enough for most people but if you've got a large storage server, you may end up a bit short.  The leads are long enough to reach everything in the two cases I used but may run a bit short is some larger cases.  The leads are very nicely shielded, wrapped and have UV reactive molex connectors.  If you've got a DFI Lanparty motherboard and some UV lights, this PSU will add a nice effect.

The modular ends that attach to the PowerSupply are standard 4-pin molex ends.  This is a nice feature, as you can easily make new cables if you want some extreme length or just can't leave well enough alone.  The PSU is cooled by a single 120mm LED fan and is almost silent.  I could hear a bit of noise from the PSU when I jumpered it, but when plugged in and running a system, it cannot be heard over any case fans, GPU fan, or even hard drives.  It's very quiet and seems to do an excellent job of keeping the components cool.

OCZ Modstream Bundle
OCZ ModStream Bundle

Top & Front View
 Top & Front View

Back & Bottom View
 Back & Bottom View

The finish on this PowerSupply is a thing of beauty and a curse all at the same time.  It's gloss "gunmetal", that looks extremely sharp, but at the same time it shows fingerprints very easily.  Once you've got the unit installed you'll want to wipe it down with a soft cloth and not touch it again.  Notice how much it reflects in the pictures above.  Very nice.

The ModStream also ships with a funky 110v cable as well as a bag of cable management gear.  It inlcude some small zip-ties as well as 5 colored velcro ties that are useful for helping to further tape the cable beast.  This brings me to the cables - they are quite stiff.  Granted, they're not as stiff as some other shielded cables I've seen, but they aren't very flexible either.  To get your system tidy, you'll have to hold these cables out of the way with a few ties for sure.  If they were more flexible, they'd bend and be able to be tucked away better.  Not a real big deal, but I find the stiffness partially negates the beauty of a modular design.

On the next page, we'll take a look at the specs of this PSU as well as the test system then run some tests to see how much the voltage fluctuates between idle and load.