Android App Pick - Mr. Block (Free)

Application: Mr. Block Free

Happy belated Valentines Day!! As the saying goes “Love is in the air” and so is the love for Android apps. I don’t have a Valentine app this time around, but if you're the “big spender” type for your loved ones, you can always get them a little something for their Android device that is fun, useful and exciting.  If you like puzzlesand thinking games - try Mr. Block.  It’s a very interesting puzzle game that is a good time waster if you want to just kick back and relax.

Mr Block World Select

Mr. Block can simply be easy and fun, but does get challenging and hard. Throughout the levels there are some basic instructions along the way. The idea of the game is to match certain blocks to the right colour in the blank spot. Red with red, blue with blue etc. Tap on the block you want to move and once they fall into place, the blocks turn to stone. Sometimes you have to turn blocks into stone by pressing the eye in the corner of the screen in order to either fill in the gap in the road or to help build a wall or tower. As you progress further, some levels give you grey blocks that are solid and can be moved around to act as pillars. Teleporters come into play as well in later levels. These transport blocks to different locations in the level.

Level 4 Level 20

Looking for something to turn to stone?  Try out Mr. Block!


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