Edifier Predator 2.1 Speakers - Installation, Testing and More

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Edifier Predator 2.1 Speakers
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Installation is very simple.  All you have to do is run the cables from the speakers to the appropriate output on the back of the sub. You will also have to plug the power cable into its allotted spot as well and plug in audio cable to be connected to the proper device and input.



Testing these guys has been great. They produce nice clear sound and the bass does quite well, although it isn't a house shaker. When it comes to music they perform very well. The sound seems very well balanced and you aren't drown out by bass. They also do very well with - yes you guessed it - gaming.  There is a lot of stereo separation and this gives you a good idea of where sounds are coming from.  They just plain sound good and this is a big plus considering the retail for roughly ~$79.99.

The Edifier Predator speakers exude quality and durability.  I like the look of the plastic but it does seem to get fingerprints on it quite easily.  I guess that is why there is a cleaning cloth included in the box. I noticed the satellite speakers are a bit top heavy, so you'll want to keep them away from the edge of your desk in order to prevent them from taking a plunge to the floor.

As far as the volume controls go, I would like these to be a bit different.  The volume and bass knobs work decently, but I would prefer some sort of external control - and not everything on the top or the back of the subwoofer.  This isn't the most convenient place for controls.  It would be nice to have them located on your desk if you put the sub on your floor.

The satellite speakers have an odd way of joining as well.  There is nothing to prevent the cord from keeping on splitting until it reaches the audio connector.  This will give you more reach, but I'm not sure this is the best way to do it..

Although it's merely a cosmetic issue, the bass of the subwoofer is made of two pieces of plastic with the seam joining right in the middle.  It would look much better if this was a solid piece - or if the seam joined somewhere else.


Overall the Edifier Predator speakers have good sound and are decent quality speakers for a nice price.  Good speakers for a low price aren't always possible, but Edifier has managed to pull this off.

Minus the few hiccups that I've mentioned above there wasn’t a lot to complain about in these fellows. The slight design flaws - such as the cables from the speakers and the base of the sub; don’t affect the overall experience - although the volume control is a bit of a geographical disappointment.

I would still recommend these speakers to anyone looking for unique, clear sounding and cost effective speakers.  These are not mere generic multimedia speakers and they stand out for sure.  If you are looking for foundation movers in terms of bass, you might want something more substantial.



  • Good sound 
  • Decent quality
  • Looks great



  • Design hiccups
  • Slight functionality issue




I'd like to take a moment and thank Edifier for sending over the Predator speakers for us to review.  If you have any questions, comments or general feedback regarding this product or this review - please post it at the link below.