Android App Pick - Draw A Stickman: EPIC

Application: Draw A Stickman: EPIC (Free version available)

Hello Android world! Although spring may be around the corner, it's not quite here yet.  Recently BCCHQ South was struck with a blizzard and we were able to stay inside and play some games.  A good game app is always great to entertain yourself when the weather outside is frightful. Sit back and relax as you play an epic story of Draw a Stickman.

Storybook Instructions


In this App, you create a stickman (boy or girl) and go through the levels trying to free your buddy that a storybook ate. There is a free version but to continue on through the story, you’ll need to buy the full version. There are lots of adventures that await your stickman!

In Draw a Stickman: Epic, the main character is a stick man that you draw. Then you are asked to draw yourself a friend.  Along comes a story book that eats your friend as they wander off. Your job is to find your friend and you can do this as you go through a book of level. Simply go through each level and follow the directions given.  You'll be required to draw and tap your way through the level. Some pencils draw fire, rain, keys, storms and more. 

Danger! Canada?


When you draw them, they become reality. If only that were true in the real world... I would draw myself some cooked bacon.  This game isn’t exactly Scribblenauts, but it sis still quite the creative game. The best thing? You don’t even have to be an artist to play!

Draw some stick pictures today!

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