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Application: Vector

As we take a look at yet another App – this one is no April Fool’s joke. Not only was Easter this past weekend, but we also hosted our 11th Annual LAN party.  VulcLAN was no joke and it was a good weekend of gaming, laughs and prizes with geeks and nerds of all ages.  Although my own Halo skills may be something to laugh at, our App Pick this week is Vector and it doesn’t require quite the same level of skill as mastering an Xbox controller.  This game doesn’t require too much button pressing, but instead will require more “swiping” and running away.  In some ways it’s a bit like Temple Run – except there are no monkeys, jewels or power ups.



With Vector you’re a free-runner that won’t be held back by the system. You hit the ground running trying to escape from a Taser-wielding bad-man that will zap you if you fall behind.

Vector Vector

Throughout each level you collect coins and learn new tricks to get over objects in the way. This is accomplished by swiping up to jump over things, down to slide under and forward to run faster. Sometimes you have little tricks in between to do that can help you get past the level better past obstacles.  Once you get through the door you're safe.

Be the escape trickster of the year!


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