Android App Pick - PAC-MAN + Tournaments

Application: PAC-MAN + Tournaments

Howdy and happy Monday! My weather widget app that I shared last week definitely came in handy as it has been snowing for the past few days here at BCCHardware South.  April snows brings frozen May flowers and we’re just happy to spend some time indoors and do a bit of casual gaming.  This weeks App is a game and I thought I’d go all retro.  I came across a famous game publisher that made their debut back in the days of the ATARI.  Namco made several games over time and one of their more famous games is PAC-MAN. 

PAC-MAN + Tournaments

I was born after the launch of PAC-MAN, but it’s still a fun game and after searching the Play Store, I found PAC-MAN+tournaments that is a pretty accurate representation of the classic PAC-MAN game. 

This PAC-MAN game is fun and looks great on both tablets and phones.  It has a virtual joystick like you would find at a PAC-MAN arcade game.  This PAC-MAN is controlled by swiping back and forth and this moves the joystick which in turn controls PAC-MAN.  The big challenges are the ghosts - which are visually stunning mounds of sheets and they can definitely creep up on and corner you if you're not careful.

Level 1
Level 1

Almost Cleared
Almost Cleared

You can chase and eat them if you eat a power-up.  Once you eat a power-up, the ghost becomes scared and turns blue which makes them mortal. Also in this PAC-MAN game are tournaments and you can signup and join to take PAC-MAN to a whole new level!

Put on your om nom face and time travel back to the ATARI days with PAC-MAN!

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