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bCODA Multishare USB Jak
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As we take a look at what the Jak promises and what it does, we will copy and paste information from the product page for your convenience.  As always, make sure to check out the manufacturer's site for all the updated information.  Below is just a brief overview to get you started.


Plug Jak into any USB-ready device, including HDTVs, PCs, projectors and more to stream content.
Plug and Play
Jak is easy-to-use. Download the Jak app for your Android phone, then use Jak through any USB-ready audio or video product.
Connect to as many as 20 other smartphone devices for continuous streaming with no loss in quality.
Get More
Share content from your smartphone wirelessly.



  1. Unprecedented Connectivity
    As many as 20 smartphones can be linked with a single Jak simultaneously. Activate any one of them to play its content, and the rest of them are automatically put on a standby mode.
  2. Effortless Transition
    Switching between different smartphones that are linked to a single Jak is quick and easy. Simply activate the one you want to play.
  3. Unaltered Sound Quality
    Unlike the usual loss of sound quality you experience with a Bluetooth device, your content’s original sound quality is never compromised with Jak.
Bigger, Smarter Viewing Experience
Simply plug Jak into a TV, and you can enjoy your smartphone content in Full HD (1080p). Hassle free and no setup required.
  1. Privacy Guaranteed
    You have complete control over which content to select and play from your smartphone via Jak.
  2. Confidentiality Protected
    Jak never stores your smartphone content at any time. Even if you lose a Jak, you can be reassured your smartphone content is safe.
You never have to carry around a USB drive or a laptop computer to access your content. With Jak, all you need is your smartphone. You can also use a cloud service such as Dropbox right from your smartphone and share your content via Jak.



With all of that out of the way, let's take a look at the Jak in action on the next page.