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Hello net-surfing people! It’s that time of the week to share with you another app that turned our heads and kept our attention this week.  If you're one for matching items - other than socks, this game could have a large appeal and if you struggle with matching things, this app could help you hone your matching skills.  Chip Chain is the game and you use poker chips instead of jewels or other figures to match and score big. This game is not about gambling – it’s about stacking up pairs and racking up points!  Yes you can get a lot of points if you have good strategy and stack your chain combos!  It’s easy, fun and simple to learn in a hurry!

Main Menu - Chip Chain
Main Menu


The idea of Chip Chain is to make matches of the same number and color of chips on the playing board.  Once you have three or more identical chips touching, you will be able to make a chain that you can get rid those chips and gain.  Each time you gain points it gives you XP so you can level up and unlock some achievements and some perks that help you get more points later on.

Chain Setup Clearning Chains Game On


When you clear several chains you get cards along the way that can help with playing the game.  You can add or subtract a chip in order to help your game to make more chains, erase certain chips that are not wanted and pick up chips to move to a new spot on the board.  More cards get unlocked the more you play.  When you place a chip on the board, the game will place one down after you. Sometimes it’s to your benefit and sometimes not.  The game will also throw grey chips down occasionally that block you.  I tend to use an erase card if it shows up.  Be sure to use your cards up before you get a pile of chains going in order to help you score maximum points.


Score Sheet
Score Sheet


Get chipper with Chip Chain!

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