Genius EasyPen F610E Graphics Tablet

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Genius EasyPen F610E Graphics Tablet
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Provided By: Genius
Price: ~$95 Online at time of publication



We have just received the Genius EasyPen F610E Pen Tablet to review and after using Wacom products for years, I was pretty skeptical about how a budget company like Genius can compete in the high-end Pen Tablet market.  Let’s get things straight, I say Genius is a “budget” company, but that does not mean they make poor products.  Genius has some very good products that we’ve looked at in the past, and what makes them even better is the fact that they are super affordable.

The F610E is a mid-sized drawing tablet that measures in at 6.25-in x 10-in and comes with a battery operated pen.  This pen seems to last a long time, but because of the battery in it (one AAA), it does have a bit more bulk than a Wacom pen.

Genius has included some great features including customizable macros and shortcut buttons on the tablet that can be set up to help maximize your productivity.  This is a nice feature to offer on a sub-$100 tablet for sure.

The EasyPen F610E is a wired tablet that boasts the most pressure levels, report rate and resolution of any of the Pen Tablets from Genius as well as much of the competition.  Certainly in this price range Genius has all but declared victory – in terms of specs at least.


First Look:

As you can see in the images below, the EasyPen F610E comes is a very stylish box that is a little flashy, but is not over the top.  The box graphics contain all the relevant information you’ll need to help make your buying decision.  On the rear of the box is a list of contents and a lot of information and examples as to the use of the product.

Box Front Box Back


Inside the box we find all the goodies that we need to get going and keep going.  The EasyPen F610E uses a pen that requires a battery as opposed to Wacom tablets that power the pen using an NFC-type technology.  Also in this package is a few extra tips, a tip puller, user manual, drives, software, a battery, a pen stand and of course the tablet itself.

In The Box


The tablet itself is much larger than the small ones I’ve been using over the past years.  The active surface area is a 6.25” x 10” area that has 4000 lines per inch of sensitivity – making it a very viable solution for some professional work.  The pen operates with 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and offers a great feel for your digital artwork applications.

On the side of the tablet are a few “soft buttons” that can be configured for keyboard shortcuts, keystrokes or application functions that can save you some time.  There aren’t labeled, so you’ll have to remember what function corresponds to the button.

Tablet Top Tablet Bottom

The rear of the tablet has six rubber feet that help keep it in place on a desk.  They work well as the soft rubber seems to keep the tablet stationary.

You’ll notice in the pictures above that the USB cable is permanently attached to the tablet.  This could be a large drawback if you want to use a longer cable or if you ever have cable issues.  You’ll have to either pull the EasyPen apart to repair it yourself, or just buy a new tablet.

Now that we’ve covered our initial impressions, let’s head on to the next page and take a look at the features and specifications of this tablet.