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UT2K3Bench 2.0!

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UT2K3Bench 2.0!
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Download: UT2K3Bench2.0


It's been a while since the latest installment of UT2K3Bench. It was the first Unreal Tournament 2003 Benchmarking Utility that allowed you to create, run, and distribute custom benchmarking scripts. Although it's been a while since an update, it was not forgotten - it was undergoing some huge changes.
Instead of listing all of the changes, improvements, and new features, this guide will walk you through the utility step-by-step. Let's jump right in.
New Features:
The three biggest changes in UT2K3Bench are the interface, Online Results Comparison (ORC), and an included help module. The interface is more modern, giving it a cleaner, refreshing look. When you fire up UT2K3Bench, you'll be met with this screen. If you want to run the default benchmark that will allow you to compare against others, simply click the "Benchmark" button, and sit back while the utility fires up two flybys and two botmatches - DM-Asbestos and DM-Antalus. If at any time you need help, simply click on the help icon at the top of the window.
After the default benchmark is finished, you'll be met with a screen that looks similar to this. If you choose to check out your results online, you will be prompted to register over at Once that is done, you'll be able to compare your results with others. The score that is generated is the average fps of the botmatches + the average fps of the flybys.
  Or you may want to review your results locally. There are several ways to view the results locally including using the built-in bar graphing utility.
UT2K3Bench is just that simple. Fire it up, click benchmark and compare results online! What could be sweeter!

UT2K3Bench is compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, and XP. It can be used on both the demo and full version of Unreal Tournament 2003. For Online Results Comparison the Full Version of UT2003 must be used though. The demo will work for custom and standard benchmarks, but not the ORC.

On the next page, we'll take a look at some of the other advanced features of this utility. Many have stayed the same as the previous version, but we'll cover them anyhow in case you're new to UT2K3Bench.