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Testing - Benchmarks:



Before we start I'm going to mention that I've included these benchmarks for reference purposes and in no way expect the Intel Atom CPU that the ATIV 500T contains to be able to keep up with the other systems we've reviewed (most of which contain either Intel Core i5 or i7 CPUs). I'm more interested to see how a tablet CPU like the Atom can compete with a full CPU.


SuperPi is a great benchmark to show off CPU performance as it calculates Pi to 1 Million places. 



Well we knew that the ATIV 500T was going to come in last compared to the other systems we've recently reviewed since all of them are using mobile or desktop CPUs and not Atom CPUs like the ATIV.

SuperPi really pushes the CPU and it really shows just how big of a difference there is between something like the Core i5 and Atom CPU.


PMCore 1.5

PMCore is a benchmark which uses the CPU to do match calculations and really takes advantage of multi-core CPUs. 



Just like SuperPI, PMCore pushed the CPU of a system pretty hard so it's not surprising that the Atom once again came in last...



3DMark06 is getting to be a bit older of a benchmark, but it is a good example to show how a new system compares to some of the older systems we've reviewed in the past.




The ATIV 500T makes no claim to be a gaming system, but I ran 3DMark06 just for reference sake.

Once again, just like in the previous tests, the Atom CPU gets killed by the others.



Futuremark has just released a new version of 3DMark and we've used it to test the last couple Ultrabooks that have crossed our test bench.



Once again, the ATIV 500T came in last, and wasn't able to run all the benchmarks included in the new 3DMark.

Seeing as the ATIV 500T is basically just a tablet, it's actually kind of impressive that it was able to run any of these tests.

PCMark 7

And finally, we've got PCMark 7.

PCMark measures total system performance and gives a final score. This is a fairly new benchmark so we don't have too many systems to compare the ATIV up against.



As expected, the ATIV came in last, but once again when you consider that the ATIV is a tablet it was actually able to come closer to the other Ultrabooks than I would have expected after seeing the results from the first few benchmarks.


Benchmarking Conclusion

As expected, the ATIV 500T came in pretty low in these benchmarks due to its much weaker Intel Atom CPU. The ATIV 500T doesn't claim to be a gaming system or a high end powerhouse, it's a tablet. I would compare the performance of the ATIV 500T to that of a netbook, enough for everyday applications but lacking the power to handle intensive programs.

These benchmarks aren't really fair since ultrabooks are in a whole different league than tablets but I wanted to see just how much of a difference there was since the ATIV 500T can be used for desktop usage (just like an ultrabook). 

In CPU tests the results weren't even close, but I was actually somewhat surprised with the PCMark7 results (which tests full system performance). The ATIV 500T won't impress power users with its performance, but for someone wanting a system that they can check emails, surf the internet, and other light desktop usage, the ATIV might just be the right choice.

Let's move onto the final section of the review where we give our final thoughts and provide the ATIV 500T a final score.