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Samsung ATIV 500T Final Thoughts:

To be perfectly fair, I’m not the biggest tablet guy out there. I’ve personally owned 2 tablets, and ended up selling them both. For me I find a tablet to be “cool” device, I just don’t find them to provide me with enough value to justify buying another device, as I usually just end up using my laptop instead. A big pet peeve of mine is having data spread out over multiple devices, something which the ATIV actually can help alleviate, since with the ATIV your tablet is your laptop and consolidates two devices into one.

After a couple of weeks I found the ATIV to be a very intriguing device. I normally don’t use a tablet very often, but I really liked the option to undock the ATIV and be able to use it to watch video on it. Normally I would just end up watching video on my laptop because it wasn’t worth the effort to transfer it over to my tablet, but with the ATIV that isn’t a problem because with a simple click of the undock button, your laptop is now a tablet. I found the dock to be very good and it doesn’t feel like you are just attaching a cheap keyboard to your tablet, when docked the ATIV feels and acts like a real laptop.



The ATIV 500T isn’t the quickest device out there, mainly due to it having weaker hardware specs (Samsung does have an ATIV based on the Intel i5 CPU available), but overall for everyday usage I found the Intel Atom CPU that the 500T to be more than adequate and speedy enough for most light usage. For the price (at time of publishing ~$625 CDN with dock) I think the hardware is pretty comparable to other devices similar to the ATIV and I think it is a pretty good value. If you consider the fact that this device could for some people potentially replace both your laptop and your tablet with one device, this device is a good deal.

The ATIV 500T comes with Windows 8 and thanks to the ATIV’s 11.6” touchscreen (which works very well I might add), the combination makes for a very pleasant user experience. The resolution of 1366x768 might be a drawback for some, but for the price range that the ATIV is in, the screen resolution is pretty standard.

Obviously the ATIV isn’t the perfect device for everyone. If you are a power user and are running all sorts of applications on your computer, the ATIV 500T is going to chug due to the Atom Z2760 CPU. This device is more aimed at the average user who wants a system to check email and run other light desktop applications and the ATIV is more than capable of that.

If you buy the ATIV with the expectations of it being a decent laptop and a good tablet you will be happy. There are obviously laptops out there that are way better than the ATIV, and there are tablets out there that are better than the ATIV, but the fact that the ATIV is able to combine both together in a very usable package for a decent price, that’s where the ATIV shines.

Anytime you can combine two devices into one device that is a good thing, and the ATIV 500T combines your laptop and your tablet and provides you the functionality of both. While this device isn’t for everyone, there are people out there that will be able to replace both their laptop and tablet with the ATIV, which makes this a pretty good deal. Overall I found the functionality and features of the ATIV 500T to be very good, but it fell just short of our Editor’s Choice award. Even though it wasn’t an award winner, I still believe this system for some people is a great choice if you are looking for a great Windows 8 tablet that also offers laptop functionality.


  • Good Value

  • Tablet works well

  • Dock is well-built



  • Not for Everyone

  • When docked, screen doesn’t tilt back very far



I'd like to thank Samsung to let us take a look at the ATIV 500TIf you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please reply below.