Trendnet 1750Mbps Wireless Router & AC Networking - Testing and Conclusion

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As far as performance goes, we fired up iperf to do a little benchmarking on this router.  Iperf results show bandwidth that the network is actually capable of.  In the real world, you don't often see wired transfer rates approaching 1000mpbs because hard drives are barely fast enough to read and write at this speed.  Also, CPU overhead becomes an issue when transferring this much data.  We use iperf with confidence as it shows how good the network hardware actually is and if it can perform anywhere close to its rated specs.  We will be testing wired performance, then wireless performance compared with a bunch of routers.  Lastly, we'll show how well the TEW-812DRU works with different wireless devices.

Wired Performance Wireless Performance

For reference we compared this router to the Rosewill T600N, as well as the Trendnet TEW-691GR, TEW-672GT and the Linksys WRT610N, E4200 and the D-Link DGL-4500 and DIR-655.  Many of the wireless adapters have changed over the years but we have always been using the current equivalents throughout these tests to keep everything as close to realistic as possible.  We will now compare specific wireless devices connected to the TEW-812DRU router.

Wireless Adapter Performance


We ran through several instances of iperf and each instance transferred data for 5 minutes.  The results were averaged are displayed above.  When it comes to wired performance, it ranks right up there with the best of them.  On the wireless front, the TEW-812DRU decimates the competition.  The closest wireless performance we've seen was from the Rosewill T600N, and the TEW-812DRU doubles the performance of that router.  This of course is with an 867Mbps link, so it's not quite doing half of what it's rated for, but it still does pretty well for itself.

As far as individual adapters go, the TEW-805UB outruns the Intel Centrino in my T430 - but not my much.  It does dominate the Linksys AE6000 that is rated at 430Mbps on the 5GHz band.

Final Thoughts:

Overall the TEW-812DRU and TEW-805UB are decent products and continue on where 802.11n left off.  This router is currently the flagship router from Trendnet and as we've seen, it certainly is feature-rich and performance friendly.  At the end of day this product offers a lot of performance and features for a decent price.  I've seen the router available for as little as $150 and for an AC1750 802.11ac product, this is very affordable.  The TEW-812DRU gets the job done and gets it done very quickly.  I didn't expect to see 1000Mbps wireless performance and in that regard I wasn't let down.  We did see the fastest wireless network that has graced BCCHQ South, but it wasn't all that much faster than my T430 with Centrino abgn wireless.

So in terms of performance, it's a bit of a mixed bag.  The wireless performance is top notch and breaks new ground for us here at the shop.  I'm sure that we'll be seeing other products pushing even faster as the standard matures.  In the meantime, it's still the fastest - but it does have some room for improvement.  Wired performance was also excellent with this product.

The Trendnet TEW-812DRU and TEW-805UB don't come with a lot of extras, but then again - they are simply networking products.  There are a few other routers on the market that have this new standard and we see this product is priced very well compared to many others.  Setup is simple and there are enough wireless and integrated features to keep your network secure and separated from other users.  The interface is quick and responsive - although I don't think it would hurt Trendnet to spend some money on a graphics guy to spruce up the interface a bit.  Not much has changed on their products in the past 5 years and it's about time for something a little fresher.

The best part about this router is that it is powerful, fast and pretty affordable.  At ~$150, it's one of the most affordable 802.11ac routers on the market - and it comes in at this price point without sacrificing features.  That is always a good thing.


  • Quick and speedy software interface
  • Fastest Wireless we've seen
  • Dual-Band wireless with separate configuration
  • Four SSIDs per band
  • Good price



  • Less than 50% of rated wireless performance




I'd like to thank Trendnet for sending us the TEW-812DRU and TEW-805UB to review.  If you have questions, comments or general feedback, please leave it in the forum at the link below.